Handspun & Handloomed organic wool textiles.
Bespoke cosy creations for your home to reflect your style and personality.

Large woven textiles in earthy hues add warmth & style to your home. Work beautifully as Bedspreads, Curtains. Upholstery, Wall Hangings & Table Cloths.

Stoffaa uses wool from 'Desi' sheep which has a distinctive "dry" texture, a little like linen. It is very warm & hard wearing. Because the wool yarn is handspun, the cloth has a wonderfully irregular texture, full of movement.

Conscious Luxury

Luxury is becoming increasingly conscious of its role on the global stage. At Stoffaa we ensure the implementation of sustainable strategies to create a green & positive luxury.

Social Responsibility

Stoffaa supports communities of weavers & artisans in India. Our textiles are certified by the fair trade forum of India. Stoffaa helps enable sustainable livelihoods by contributing 10% of its profits to the families and communities of its artisans.

Empowering Women

The weaving sector in India contributes significantly to women’s empowerment, with over 70 percent of all weavers and allied workers being women.

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