One-off pieces, in rich hues, using selected natural yarns.

Stoffaa is a love affair with everything Indian. The incomparably rich world of its handmade textiles, the exquisite detailing, the sumptuous fabrics & the breathtaking skill of the artisans. India’s dynamic culture of cloth production is central to its identity.

Stoffaa’s unique craftsmanship promotes a respectful luxury in a new world.

Stoffaa contributes 10% of its profits to the families & communities of our artisans.

Handspun & Handloomed

Bespoke cozy creations for your home.

Pure Organic Wool

Beautifully as Bedspreads, Curtains & Upholstery.

Reflect Your Style

Wall Hangings & Table Cloths.

warmth & sophistication

Large woven textiles in earthy hues add warmth & style.

Stoffaa commissions large handwoven & handspun textiles from India. Tribal artisans, engaged in this age-old tradition, weave on old pit looms using handspun yarns. The entire process can engage up to 4 artisans & takes up to 48 hours from spinning to finish.

Stoffaa uses desi wool which has a distinctive “dry” texture, a little like linen. It is very warm & hard wearing. Because the wool yarn is handspun, the cloth has a wonderfully irregular texture, full of movement.

These textiles can fit a kings sized bed but can also be custom made to suit clients requirements.’ Colour is achieved through the use of renewable, non-toxic, natural sources.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Stoffaa’s caravan blankets keep Indian Pastoralists warm on chilly nights in the Indian Desert.